Pink – ‘Raise Your Glass’

Song: ‘Raise Your Glass’
Artist: Pink
US chart peak: 1
Release date: October 6, 2010
Writers: Pink, Max Martin, Shellback
Producers: Max Martin, Shellback
Quintessential Max moment: The chorus that just about saves the whole thing
Video synopsis: Really makes you think doesn’t it

Since ‘Missundaztood’ (Jesus) Pink’s always projected this idea that she’s just like you and I. She fucks up, she feels stuff, she gets angry, she spins around twenty feet above the stage tied to an old sheet. She feels things, like, deeply yeah? This vulnerability and emotional honesty was there in tracks like ‘Just Like A Pill’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’, but slowly it was morphed to fit more with pop’s growing obsession in the social media age with Being Who You Are No Matter What (Pink called ‘Raise Your Glass’ a “celebration for people who feel left out from the popular crowd” and would release another single (‘Fuckin’ Perfect’) in a similar vein straight after). It’s a nice unifying sentiment of course, but it can come across as ever so slightly patronising because, well, some people are a) fine thanks or b) suffering from proper issues that can’t be sweetened by a massive chorus.

And to be fair to ‘Raise Your Glass’ – the lead single from Pink’s ‘Greatest Hits…So Far!!!’ album – it does have a pretty amazing chorus. It’s just a shame that the verses are pretty embarrassing (“don’t be fancy, just get dancey”) and it’s that bit too heavy-handed with the awkward isn’t-she-such-a-goofball sentiments. For example there’s that bit where she comes in too early on the chorus after the middle eight – what a wag! She also sings “too school for cool” instead of “too cool for school”, just like we would! Oh LOL Pink, LOL.

As you can probably tell, chanty self-help guru Pink is my least favourite Pink but, as with Kelly Clarkson, she puts so much passion and emotion into her vocal performances that it’s hard to be too down on her for long. Production-wise the song is fairly standard upbeat Max/Pink fare, although there’s one bit I’d never noticed before. Allow me to alert your attention to it too please. Basically in the “party crasher, panty snatcher” (hm) line after the second verse (around the 1:17 mark) a lonely synth line appears and just sort of hangs there having a nice time. It hums around for the entirety of the pre-chorus and then slinks off with its tail between its legs. Thanks for coming Lonely Synth Line. See you soon.

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