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Max doesn’t do many interviews but when he does they’re pop geek heaven.

For example… allow me this please… wait for it…

BUT I INTERVIEWED HIM IN 2019 AND HERE IT IS. Life complete, basically.

This Max Martin Top 10 for the wonderful people over at The Guardian is expertly curated and so brilliantly written. Wow. Just beautiful poetry.

Actually this piece including 64 facts about Max for The Guardian is also completely mind-blowing. Is it as good as this one though? It’s a close call that’s for sure.

Wow, this Guardian writer is amazing, isn’t he? Blimey. Here he gets some quotes from Britney herself on the making of ‘…Baby One More Time’. Unbelievable.

John Seabrook is the author of The Song Machine: Inside The Hit Factory, an insightful book about pop production houses that is well worth a read. Here he is writing solely about Max for the New Yorker.

This is a good thing about the different ways Max Martin and Stargate have dominated modern pop music but from slightly different directions. Or something along those lines.

Oh wow, this interview with Max’s regular collaborator Savan Kotecha on the Popjustice website is simply incredible. Just wow.

There are quite a few pieces that paint Max – over twenty years into his career – as a sort of secret Svengali, as if no one can just click on a link on Wikipedia and read up on him. Often they’ll use him to take the focus away from the popstar he’s working with, as this piece does in the headline at least. But it’s interesting nonetheless.

Here’s an interesting thing about how Max came to conquer pop music.

This thing about some of Max’s best songs that haven’t reached Number One is good too.

Here’s Mr Maxmillan Martin, a Geography teacher at the University of Sussex.